1.On several occasions,when more than one filling was done in one appointment,we often getĀ  a surprised reaction from the patient,”We’re done already…?Wow,you are allĀ  very efficient.”

2.Because we routinely check the soft tissues as well as the the teeth,Dr Tessier and staff have referred and had 2 oral cancers diagnosed ,thankfully at the early stages,1 of the tongue,the other a tonsil.Both patients were very appreciative.

3.”I like coming here because you folks are laid back,make me feel comfortable in the chair.”

4.”You’re new office location is so convenient(free parking,ground level,easy in and out),state of the art,fresh and bright…and doesn’t smell of pancakes.”

5.To Dr Tessier: “In my experience,your needles are the gentlest.”Dr Tessier will often admit a lot of the credit goes to the topical anesthetic gel that is applied to the area just prior to anesthetic.In the office we light heartedly refer to it as “our Buckley’s…it tastes horrible but it works.”